The Birth of TFP and our Code of Ethics


Team Full Power  was birthed out of the first trip to Thailand in Sept 2009 where Philippine Leaders  including Jane Cagle met CEO Mr. Stewart Hughes for the first time.  Among other things, he explained that  in order to attain success in this business, one has to apply  FULL POWER.

Just as any plane applies full power to take off. In the business  context, FULL POWER signifies focus, determination, resilience and commitment to the destination that each person desires to achieve from the Unicity Franchise opportunity. Thus the birthing of the concert and why we call ourselves Team Full Power  (TFP).

Team Full Power  believes in good stewardship. We uphold and observe very high ethical business standards, and non-compromising at that. We believe that integrity is what builds the business to last and therefore sets precedence in people’s perception of the industry.

The following are some but not limited to the standards our team upholds:

1.Focused in helping people FIRST get what they want.
2. Advocates empowerment (we help people catch fish – Focused in Developing Leaders)
3. Promotes Real Builders
4. Proper utilization of comp Plan; no to manipulation (no holding of orders, No “Stacking or Pre-arranging” of names)
5. No Front-loading of products
6. Follow the SRP and  wholesale Pricing of products
7. No Poaching
8.Encourage edification and avoid cross-lining
9. One Company focused
10. No re-inventing the wheel – follow the TFP proven system (for proper duplication)


The Leaders of Team Full Power

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