Work With Jane

Sometimes People come here from the Internet – while this site is mainly designed to support our team, the fact is you maybe interested in working with Jane.

She is a Global Leader and her primary focus is the Philippine Community Worldwide. Currently she has the largest and fastest growing team for Unicity Int. in the whole of the Philippines. I like to say she is the “Driving Force of the Philippines”.

Her intentions are to help others achieve their fullest potential in this business and in life.

She is married to an American (me) and understands the American Culture well. We are actively building in North America with both Filipinos and Americans/Canadians

She is open to helping anyone serious about making positive changes in their life build anywhere.

1. Currently our focus is the whole of the Philippines with major growing teams in Manila, Baguio, Palawan, Cebu and Davao.

2. North America  – US and Canada

3. UAE – Mostly Dubai

Currently Our Company covers 38 counties. This is truly a Global business
You may contact her Via Skype: BruceandJaneCagle

Cell (Globe) 0917.320.9079 – her Viber is also on this number.
Thanks and God Bless,
Bruce Cagle, WebMaster

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